Gene Expression Analysis Tools

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Welcome to Gene Expression Analysis Tools (GETtools). This site offers a computational environment to analyse the transcriptional regulation of global gene expression experiments made in E.coli. The analysis is made mainly by comparissons with the information collected in RegulonDB as is showed in the following chart.


Microarray methods provide global evaluation of changes in gene expression that the cell uses to adapt to different conditions. Given the rich legacy of biological knowledge concerning E.coli, the analysis of microarray experimental data poses the challenge of comparing these observations against the knowledge available in the literature as well as against computational predictions. This web-tool uses information from RegulonDB, a database on transcriptional regulation and operon organization in E.coli and from computational predictions done in E.coli K12  to compare them to data from expression experiments. The overall comparisons include: i) operon organization vis-a-vis the transcription profiles, ii) expression profiles and their consistency with promoter and regulatory signals upstream of the individual genes, as well as iii) a comparison  of the set of transcribed genes with an exhaustive set of known and putative transcriptional factors in E.coli